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Stress, it’s a modern buzz word, we all have stress, we even need stress but would you know if stress was negatively impacting on your family, your health… your life”?

More often than not,  you probably wouldn’t!  You may be going through each day outwardly in control, you have a good job, money in the bank, happy in a relationship. However, subconsciously,  you are waiting for the “bubble to burst”, or you have this constant feeling something is not quite right, … but can’t figure out what it is that is wrong. 


Consciously, you may be excusing that “sudden anger” as being because you didn’t sleep well last night. The ever increasing “food allergies” are blamed on all of the added chemicals in food.  The aches and pains in your shoulders are bad posture!  The stomach upsets, the bowel issues…. those are due to eating the wrong food!  It is possible that may be the case, but more likely, all of the above may be signs that you are Unconsciously Stressed?

Your Conscious Mind is telling you “life’s great”.  You have everything you want.  So when you do feel anxious or depressed, you immediately feel frustrated and angry because logically there is no reason you should feel like this?

On the surface life is appears pretty good, but underneath you are “paddling furiously” trying to keep your life afloat!

Dealing with Stress

When stress and anxiety occurs, your conscious or logical mind tells you that there is no reason for you to feel the way you do. “Come on, snap out of it!” The negative  feeling, the thoughts, continue to niggle in the background. As hard as we try to “cope and get on with it”, we can’t.  We continue to feel anxious, stressed, panic or depressed?   Why?

Conscious Verses Unconscious Mind

You will have heard that we only use 10% of the power of our Mind.  That’s the Conscious Mind:  The Thinking or Logical part of our Mind.  The other 90% is our Unconscious Mind and it “runs Us” (if we let it!)

Think of the “hard drive” on your computer…  (Good input in, Good input out – Garbage in, Garbage out!)  The unconscious mind holds all of our beliefs, our history, our habits. Everything that we have learnt, absorbed as accepted as facts over our lifetime is stored in our “Unconscious”!  We are “creatures of habit”. It is this unconscious programming that simply over rides any “logical arguments” our conscious mind can come up with.

This means that even if consciously we “Know” our life is right on track and everything is falling into place for us, if our subconscious “programming from past results” becomes stuck in the belief that we are not safe, that there is a “danger” our bodies can and will create whatever is necessary to protect us.  We call this a “stress reaction”.  It will present as physical symptoms such as aches, pains, rashes, lack of energy etc.  Anti-social behaviours like smoking, binge drinking, emotional over-eating, irrational anger, bullying are just the visible signs covering up the underlying stress and anxiety.

It has been scientifically proven that addictive behaviour is generally the result of traumatic or stressful events happening that the Mind cannot deal with at the time so the Subconscious Mind creates these behaviours as coping mechanisms. To remove the stress, first the unconscious programming needs to be processed and changed.

How Does Hypnotherapy Help?

Hypnotherapy allows therapists to give suggestions to the unconscious mind to change the programming.  The unconscious mind must know “it is safe” in order to go back and re-process the event. This allows your mind to dissolve all emotions and to return you to a state of calm with no stress, anxiety, fear or guilt.  Until you reprocess the programming that is causing stress, anxiety and depression it will not go away.

Drugs can help but unfortunately in many cases the medication is just a band aid and creates other dependency issues with long term use.  Hypnosis is very effective, works quickly (usually 3 to 6 sessions) and is an extremely relaxing process to taking back control.

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