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What is righteous anger? and how is it different from other ‘anger’?

Often there is anger or excess energy associated with unresolved past stress or trauma. If this is not expressed or you do not let it go it contributes to long term stress and anxiety.

How Do Animals Cope with Stress?

When you see two dogs after a fight you will notice that they will shake. This has nothing to do with fear, they are getting rid of the anger and energy associated with the fight. If you see an Impala after escaping from a lion,  you will always see it shaking because again, it’s getting rid of the energy associated with the event.

But Humans Act Differently.

We, as evolved human beings, keep that anger and energy suppressed within ourselves.  We push it down.  It’s not good to be anger or aggressive. But this ‘holding on’ contributes to long term stress, anxiety, depression and PTSD. One of the most important things to overcoming these is to get the anger and energy associated with the past stress or trauma out. This anger is a righteous anger and needs to be directed at the perpetrator or event.

Why Righteous Anger?

Directing the righteous anger at the perpetrator or event, allows you to become a victor of that past event instead of a victim of your circumstance.. Righteous anger is a very different anger.  It is a solid, ‘I’m not to be messed with’ certain anger.   It is not black, or wrapped in frustration. Black anger has no direction and it is a reaction, whereas righteous anger is directed and focused on just the cause or perpetrator of the event.  It is about saying: “this stops Now!” and taking control.  By using righteous anger you get rid of the energy about the event that is allowing the event to have control over you.

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