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Do You Need To Stop Drinking?

A lot of clients who come to see me say: ‘I’m drinking too much alcohol!’  or ‘I need to Stop Drinking’. Often they are drinking a bottle of wine or a dozen ‘stubbies’ a day, especially in the evening. If this is you, you have a problem as ‘technically’ you would be classified as an alcoholic.

TRTP works to stop drinking
…………… Alcohol Numbs Emotions

The word alcoholic often brings up an image of someone who is totally out of control and cannot function without alcohol.  Most of my clients are “a step or two away from that level” so as a disclaimer I will add that the method that I’m about to explain is not effective for somebody who is at this stage of alcoholism. It might help a little but will not stop them drinking.
There are degrees of alcoholism and when you drink alcohol on a daily basis it classifies you as an alcoholic.

To Stop Drinking Too Much…….

The first step in stopping is to not want to drink alcohol anymore. As with most things you have to want to. Many people ask me if I can help them so that they can just have a glass or two in a week. The answer is no. Just having a glass or two is a trigger and after a time you will go back to where you are right now. You either drink or don’t drink alcohol.  It’s a bit like having a baby…. you are either pregnant or you’re not… there is no ‘half-way’.
Most people believe the use of alcohol helps to dull or stop the thoughts or emotions they ‘don’t want to feel or think about!’  These ’emotive thoughts’ can (almost) always be traced but to events that happened to the person in the past.  These events may be lots of small things, or one or two big events,  it doesn’t matter it is the perception of being ‘powerless’ to these events that keep the person trapped.  To start one or two drinks ‘dulls the pain’, but then it needs 3 or 4, then a bottle and so it goes. Overuse of alcohol is caused by the effects of unresolved trauma of the past.

Fix the Cause and the Drinking Alcohol Stops

So, if the unresolved emotional events from the past are creating the over-drinking, then it makes sense to address this first, wouldn’t you agree?  Once you remove the root of the cause then it becomes much easier to give up drinking alcohol permanently.  At Transformations Coaching & Hypnotherapy we specialise in resolving all types of trauma.   So how do we do it?

To resolve stress or trauma the body and mind needs to know:

1. It’s (The person) safe and the events or event is over
2. You have power over the event or events

Our preferred therapy for  resolving long term emotional events and trauma is TRTP.  Why?  It is a safe, simple and elegant hypnosis process that works.

Hypnosis is used to ‘access’ the unconscious mind, where all the trauma, emotions, past history and beliefs are stored.  This is where your ‘mind movies’ are made.  Those ‘replays’ of past events that keep you a prisoner, fearful, anxious and afraid.  Hypnosis allows your therapist to make suggestions of change to the unconscious mind.  In effect, TRTP allows our clients to feel as if they have re-written the past….. they feel empowered, strong, able to be seen and heard and in control.  Alcohol is no longer needed to ‘numb’ feelings or to squash down emotions.

So,if you are serious and If you have decided its time to stop drinking alcohol then consider the TRTP process and hypnosis.  Book a FREE session via ZOOM or Face-to-Face.

Go on…. I dare you to take back control of your life!

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