Hansen Court, Capalaba

So many people are suffering at this time of year!  It is normal to eagerly look forward to spending time with family and loved ones. But for some people, this is not the case.  Spending time with relatives can be terrifying!  Often families make us feel tense,  judged and not good enough.    There are also families coping with members who suffer from stress-related illnesses and challenges that have resulted from life events.  Our first responders have had a particularly difficult year and will need so much support, as will our farmers and those left devastated by the destruction of the fires, floods, accidents and other events of this past year.

I’d love to share this video with you.  Rosemary Boon and Judith Richards are leaders in the research and treatment of resolving PTSD, and long term trauma.  We are very proud to be associated with these two brilliant women and involved in this research and development.

If you are seeking a positive, long-lasting outcome to trauma, stress, anxiety, depression, and the side effects… then, please watch and see how an EEG shows the results achieved by TRTP – The Richards Trauma Process.   If you have any questions:  call us on 0428229431 we are available for appointments throughout the Christmas and New Year holiday break.

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