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Anxiety Stress and Depression 

When you are suffering from long term anxiety, stress or depression you can’t function or think properly. You are living from day to day, hour to hour or even minute to minute. You are just surviving rather than thriving. 

All long-term anxiety stress or depression are caused by unresolved stress or trauma from the past. Normally when you have a stressful or traumatic event your body goes into the primitive survival mode called flight, fight or freeze. You get given three options; you can fight the event; you can run away or you can freeze. To do this blood is taken from the brain as you don’t need to think, blood is taken away from the gut as you do not need to digest and your muscles are flooded with hormones so that they can spring into life. All of this raised your anxiety and stress levels. Once the event is over the brain turns the event into a memory and you go back to calm. 

Sometimes the event is not turned into a memory. This means that you are now continually reliving the event consciously or subconsciously. This in turn means that you are now in a constant state of survival and your anxiety and stress levels remain high. When you are like this you: 

  • Can’t concentrate or think. This is because blood is being taken from the brain. 
  • You a often have digestion problems because blood is being taken from gut. 
  • You have stiff muscles, because the muscles are constantly flooded with hormones. 
  • Your stress and anxiety levels are through the roof and it is often accompanied with depression. 


The question is; how do you come down from these high levels of anxiety and stress? 

All the researchers agree that two things need to happen: 

  1. The body and the brain needs to know that the past stress and trauma is over and you are safe. 
  1.   You must have power over the past events instead of them having power over you.    

 Unfortunately, the traditional ways of resolving stress anxiety and depression take a long time and often rely on medication. This is not necessarily so. The Richards Trauma Process, TRTP utilises hypnosis to resolve this quickly, effectively and efficiently. In just three sessions, with a week apart, you can resolve the past anxiety and stress or trauma and break free from the chains that have been preventing you from living the life that you want or deserve. 


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