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The Richards Trauma ProcessTRTP – utilizes hypnosis and enables you to overcome stress, anxiety, depression, anger and PTSD quickly, safely and effectively. Typically, in three 90 minute sessions you can go from an ‘out of control life’  to living your life calmer and in control or your emotions and your decisions.

Why is TRTP different from other therapies?   TRTP looks for the ’cause’, the underlying reason for the anxiety, the stress, depression, or post-traumatic-stress.  Often this reason is ‘hidden’ deep in your Unconscious Mind,  hidden among your habits, your memories and your very core belief’s of who you are.  These belief’s are ‘unconscious’ but, ‘they’ control everything you think, say and do, or don’t do!   Let me explain:


You have a Conscious and an Unconscious Mind. If you were to imagine an average room the Conscious would be the size of a chair in the room. The Unconscious would be the size of the rest of the room. It goes without saying that the Unconscious Mind is the most powerful and if your Unconscious is not in agreement with your Conscious then you will not do it.  When we decide to do anything…. only to give up after one or two days, we  then say “I haven’t got enough willpower” but actually willpower has very little to do with it.

Consciously you may want to overcome your depression, anxiety, stress or PTSD but if your Unconscious thinks that ‘the stress or anxiety’  is actually a way of keeping you safe,  then you will really struggle to succeed. The  TRTP therapy is a hypnotic process designed to break the patterns in your Unconscious so that you can break free, which allows you to easily resolve past stressful or traumatic events.

                                   THE STEPS OF  TRTP


                                   DIAGRAM OF TRTP


It takes just three steps, three sessions, each a week apart,  and you can break free of the events that have been the cause of your stress, anxiety, depression or PTSD and “Get Your Life Back!”


In the first session we have two goals:

1. To break your Unconscious Limiting Core Beliefs and

2. Let us Introduce ‘You’  to the real you: the Authentic You that you have been hiding all these years.

Between ‘conception’ and the age of  seven,  we are like sponges. Whatever we see, hear, feel or experience becomes our reality, we have no filters to determine what is ‘right or wrong’, everything just becomes ‘imprinted’  in our Mind as being ‘true for us’.  These ideas or belief’s  form the foundation of our ‘identity’ and become ‘our core beliefs’. Unfortunately, many of these ‘limit’  and stop us trying or doing new things, therefore the label ‘limiting belief’s’!  We also pick up limiting beliefs as we develop, learn and grow up. But, Guess what, most of our Unconscious Core Belief’s are not true and most have been suggested or ‘implanted’ by other people. Hypnosis is used to break the limiting beliefs because they get in the way of making change.  Limiting belief’s over-ride willpower and cause you to procrastinate.  Under hypnosis, we change Unconscious Core Belief’s that do not support the change you wish to make.


The second TRTP session we call: “Pulling the Teeth” of the Emotional Event or Trauma.   In this session, in hypnosis,  we take you back, safely, without any stress or anxiety,  to your most stressful events , as a empowered person rather than a victim. You are totally safe when you do this.  Here is your opportunity to let out all the emotions – perhaps rage, shame, grief and guilt about the event.  Now is ‘YOUR” time to “say what you wanted to say”; “do what you would have done”; if only you had been bigger, older, stronger or simply ‘were able to think clearly at the time’! This process  allows you to take control over past events, to say and do what you wanted to do.. all safely, in a controlled empowered way. You take back your power and your life and the past loses its control of you and “You Breakfree” … free to live your life.   Unlike conventional therapy,  you will not have to discuss or re-live your story of the events, as it is not necessary, and so you will not re-traumatise yourself!  The Richards Trauma Process is a safe, quick and very effective process and you will be amazed by the results we achieve.


This is a two step process.

First, we take you into the future. Quantum physics says that there is no reason you can’t go into the future like you go into the past. Under hypnosis we guide you into your future to plan and design the life you want to live.  Now that the stress, anxiety or trauma is resolved, you are no longer handicapped by anxiety and operating in survival mode, so now is the time to plan.

Second:  It is time to  uncover what you truly Value.  What it is that inspires you!  It is that ‘thing’ that gets you out of bed in the morning.  So We look at your life, what secrets are hiding in how you live, what you buy, who you mix with and what you talk about. Our Therapists find this is the most exciting session.

Just Imagine:  Designing the life your truly want to live!

IMAGINE:  Dreaming of a Stress free Future… It is Your Life, Your Choice….

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